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Creative, purpose-led visual content means shooting great video that is designed to achieve great outcomes for your business.


Here at The Film Crew team we cover all production elements from concept and scripting to full production.  Gone are the days of huge crews and intense production schedules. We grow and shrink our crews as required to keep light and to move fast.


You’ll find a broad overview of our product and services below.


If you are unsure where to start, check out our process or get in touch. We’re happy to talk you through the production process and to discuss whether visual-content is right for your business, no obligation, no cost.

Our services include: Commercial / Branded Content Creation, End to End Production, Line Production, Directing, Cinematography, Aerial Cinematography, Post Production and Editing and Crew Hire.

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Back in the day, the only place you saw video was on TV or at the movies. Now it is everywhere. Bus stops, social media, even Nan is watching video on her cellphone.


We offer a wide range of video production services including custom packages for corporate brand content, web and television commercials, social media content, event coverage, internal training and recruitment videos and more.

We pride ourselves on our transparency, communication and for caring beyond the brief, to ensure we tailor our video production process to suit your needs.

Strategic video content, that tells a real story and is delivered with care and enthusiasm, is effective. We are visual by nature, so great imagery and story-telling really gets us listening.


See examples of our work or learn more about our process.


In addition to moving image we also offer still photography services both as an add on to video production and as a stand alone offering. 

​Adding on still photography to a video package can save a lot of time and money in talent, location and staging costs and provides extra content that can be used in promotion to build up the video release and get better engagement when the video goes live.

We have a wealth of still image capture experience, and partner with some of the best photographers in the business.



We here at The Film Crew, are big foodies!


Because we love food we also love to film food, so that has seen us working with the food industry a lot more than your average production company. Having filmed numerous TV series and commercial content for the food industry throughout New Zealand, Asia and the United States we completely understand the ins and outs of filming food and cooking.

​If you're in the food world and in need of some delicious video content to showcase you or your product then get in touch, in the meantime, check out some highlights from our recent food work.




We live, breathe and sleep video marketing. Why are we so passionate about it? Because we know the benefits your business could gain from mixing video content into your marketing strategy.

People buy from brands they know, like and trust. Having a video series to compliment your brand is essential to ensure that your potential customers can get to know you.

​From Brand Stories about how the brand came to be, to explainer videos to help people use your products, or commercials to promote your brand to the world, video is the most powerful way to get your message across. 

We have worked with a wide variety of business to create content to showcase their brand with proven results. 

The play button is being hailed as the most compelling call to action of our time, and we can help you create content that is so captivating that it makes your target viewer stop the scroll, put down their macadamia chai latte and pay attention!


In addition to full production we can also operate as part of an existing production team.


We offer producer services in the planning stages such as scripting, casting, production co-ordination, safety planning and more.


We offer operator only services in the production stage such as a DP, Cam-Assist or 2nd Camera Op.  

We also offer a 'film only' service if you wish to script and edit your content in-house.


Got a hard-drive full of great footage and not sure what to do with it next? We offer stand-alone editing services for you production as well as offline editing or draft cut to speed up your workflow.

The Film Crew team has worked on numerous TV series and Documentaries in many capacities from writing, scripting and production management to filming and editing, throughout New Zealand, USA and Asia.

​We have a highly skilled team that can work in conjunction with your existing team or run the production in full. 




The world has gone on-line. If you haven’t, you are going to be left behind. Be an early adapter, be an industry leader.

No other marketing medium can communicate as quickly and effectively as video. However, it really is what you do with it that counts.


Now that you’ve got your brand new content it’s important to market it effectively to get the most out of your investment. 


There are many different options for marketing your video content and we know that trying to choose the right options for your video and brand can be a little overwhelming. We can help you to get your video in front of the right people.

Grab your audience’s attention, and don’t let it go.

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The Film Crew also offers live streaming services for Sports and other events.

We can live stream your event in high definition via 2 cameras (one static and one roaming)  with up to 2 commentators reporting on the action. We can also create on screen graphics displays for scoreboards, team rosters and interval breaks or even run video adverts from your sponsors! 

Get in touch to discuss how we can bring your event to the world, LIVE!

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The Film Crew are proud to be the live coverage provider for the Skycity Stampede home games for the NZIHL.