We offer remote production assistance for NZ production crews working with overseas Directors, Producers and agencies. 


Since COVID-19 hit production crews have struggled to work with international directors, producers and agencies as they cannot travel here to be on set. We have a solution. 

Our 'remote set' communication system allows for seamless integration of off site crew, into the set with a live view of production camera/s, two way wireless communication and up to 50 remote crew.

This system includes:

  • Live, realtime production camera view

  • Live realtime production sound* (requires IFB from sound engineer)

  • 'Set view' camera showing 'Behind the scenes' view 

  • Wireless 2way communication with on set director and/or DP

  • Private internet circuit 

  • Wireless connectivity, almost anywhere in New Zealand

  • Experienced technician 


with anyone,

from anywhere.

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