THE process

We are a little obsessive about ensuring that the process of getting new visual content for your brand is a simple as possible.  


For us, transparency is key: we’ll talk through each part of the process and help you select the best options for your business. 


It’s all about ensuring you get purpose-led, marketable content, that delivers (*aka great outcomes for your business).


Our ‘Project Status’ bar in our personal customer portal will show the real time progress of your project with The Film Crew. Below is a summary of what happens at each stage.

01 Discovery

We meet, physically or virtually, to understand your business and goals, and to discuss the initial ideas and requirements of the project.  We will probably ask a few questions. Why do customers choose you? What’s your story? Typically this takes about half an hour and is completely free of charge. From this chat we write (or you provide us with) the initial project summary and we set up your project portal.


02 Exploration

In stage two we take the information gathered so far and begin to explore some ideas that will deliver the results you are after. We will then put together the concepts into a simple Ideas Brief along with some indicative pricing to give you an idea of the costs to bring your project to life. 


03 Pitch

Next up, we present you with the Ideas Brief for you to review. If you like what we have proposed we can progress to the creative design stage, otherwise we can discuss what you do and don’t like and revise the ideas brief with you.  


04 Design

This is where things really start to take shape. We will take the agreed concept and map out the game plan required to implement it as part of the Pre-Production: equipment, shooting days, editing days, the production schedule and more. We take care of all the heavy lifting (unless otherwise agreed with you). We will also prepare a finalised quote at this stage.


05 Game Plan

Let's get together! In stage five we get together with you, either in person or virtually, and walk you through the Game Plan to ensure it is 100% fit for purpose before production begins. The Game Plan will outline in detail the content we will be creating for you including all scripts, mood boards, shot lists and more. 

At the end of this meeting we can finalise the Game Plan and pass it to you for approval.


06 Production

Lights, camera, action; this is the fun part! We bring all the crew and equipment required to capture the pieces of your story. You’ll receive a clear agenda for production, and we will communicate everything well in advance, so you feel fully prepare from this part of the process. Then once all the filming is done, we crack into the postproduction phase of the process and apply music, graphics, text, whatever is required to add the finishing touches to your content. When imagery, music, graphics, and timing all come together it's magical.


07 Review

Once we have put your content together it is time for you to see what we have created and work with you on any required changes.


08 Delivery

Woohoo! You brand new content will be delivered to you via a secure download or HDD if chosen and you can get it out into the world! We can also help you get the content out to all the right places. Getting the most out of this investment is critical – you’ve created this beautiful content, now let’s make sure it’s seen to get the results you are after!