client Stories

We have worked with some fantastic clients over the years and have truly appreciated being their chosen business partner for their visual content creations. Hear from some of our clients below in our Client Story series, which is our take on the classic client testimonial, about why they loved working with us also.


Pretty Sweet Lighting and Electrical is not your regular electrical company, they are also qualified and experienced lighting design and installation specialists. Wayne wanted a series of videos to help show some of the services they offer but to also give the viewer an idea of what working with Pretty Sweet is like. For this we created a collection of client story videos, like this one, each focusing on a different part of their service. 


“After publishing the first video online, it had over 20,000 views. That’s a huge potential customer base who are seeing what Pretty Sweet Lighting is. The phone really hasn’t stopped ringing.” – Wayne Pretty, Owner, Pretty Sweet Lighting & Electrical  


Hear more about what Wayne has to say about working with us on their video project.

Akarua Winery

In 2019 Akarua Wines celebrated their 20th harvest! An outstanding feat for a Central Otago winery and they wanted to make a video series to showcase a few elements of the harvest and winery as a whole.      ​

We created 4 videos for them in this series, each focusing on a different element of the business: The Harvest Team, The Winery Team, 25 Steps Vineyard and The 20th Harvest party.


“We knew The Film Crew would be right for us. They deeply know the region, the light, the shadows, the mountains, and they had some great idea about how to go about getting done wanted we wanted to get done”. – Zoe Ladyman, International & National Sales Manager , Akarua  


Hear more about what Zoe has to say about working with us on their video project.